The Luna Leash is a dual purpose leash designed by Wendy Caswell, a lifelong dog advocate who rescues and fosters dogs.

“I’m an avid dog walker. It’s my exercise and therapy session for myself and my dogs wrapped up into 1 hour! If time permits, we enjoy a hike in the woods but if not, we hit the streets of my busy neighborhood. Luna was rescued from the euthanasia list from a high kill shelter at a year old. She is great with dogs she is familiar with but not happy when a strange dog comes near her. As much as I liked walking her on a retractable leash giving her the freedom to trot ahead or behind me, when other dogs approached, I always worried about the buttons not working or the cord getting tangled up while trying to steer her away from them. I designed this leash out of need. The need to have control of her as if she was on a regular short leash. I enjoy having the peace of mind knowing that I can quickly reach for the easily accessible traffic control loop and dont have to worry about buttons, cords, dogs or cars. With the Luna Leash, you have the best of both’s great for taking your dogs walking in neighborhoods or the city but also for areas where there is plenty of space to roam. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!”

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- Wendy Caswell

The Luna Leashmore_vert

Specifically designed by an avid dog walker for dogs of all sizes.

The Luna Leashclose

Retractable 20’ Leash with stop and lock control.

Permanently attached 24” traffic lead for tighter control.

Easily accessible traffic control loop is ideal for neighborhood or city walking and better handling should you encounter other dogs or animals.

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